Candela Exterior, LLC

What We Do

Candela Exterior, LLC was formed August of 2015 by two friends, David Leffew and Lee Setser. These two men are both active in their local churches at many different levels. Between the two they have a combined experience in the landscaping and outdoor lighting of nearly two decades. Lee is the father of seven, three boys and four girls. David has five children, three girls and two boys, and one sweet granddaughter.  

We are a full service Lighting and Landscaping Company
We know exactly what it takes to create the exact look and feel you have in mind for your backyard, driveway, pool area, patio, commercial property, or anyplace else you have in mind for beautifully lighted & landscaped exteriors.


We provide a professional installation, custom fitted to the task. Our process utilizes the cutting edge of technology along with the craftsmanship of the ages. We provide both hi tech along with hi touch in order to provide you with the vision you've always dreamt of. Always keeping quality as our number one focus.


We come to your property and walk the entire project out with you, gaining your insight to your finished project. We begin with end results in mind.

Lee Setser

David Leffew